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Autoglym Plastic & Trim Conditioner

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Autoglym Plastic conditioner is a product that restores and protects external plastic or rubber moldings, i.e. bumpers, rubbing strips, mirror casings, grill moldings, faded matte black finishes and tires. Contains tough weather resistant resin polymers to counteract ageing and bleaching effects of sunlight, water and traffic film. Apply to surface with lint free cloth. Dried film can be removed with common solvents. 

This professional level product truly is at its best when used on soft tops and and convertible tops. It gives a matter finish instead of a high gloss from a dressing or other conditioners. When applied and let dry provides long lasting luster and protection. For worn or oxidized panels always clean first before applying. For extreme cases use Autoglym Bumper and Trim Gel instead