Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care

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Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care conditions and protects interior surfaces and forms a tough but flexible anti-static barrier against moisture, dust, staining, and fading. Blended polymers and emulsifiers gently clean all plastics, vinyl and rubber, leaving a beautiful protective sheen. Can be used on dashboards, instrument panels, pvc, door and seat facings.

Just like paintwork, your interior needs protecting too. Over time the sun can fade, dry and crack these surfaces, Vinyl & Rubber Care ensures that these areas remain protected. It can be applied to give a high or low sheen and has a fresh lemon scent. This easy to use solution gently cleans and forms a barrier to restore and protect faded plastic and rubber surfaces. Vinyl & Rubber Care is also excellent at transforming your engine. After cleaning with Engine & Machine Cleaner, spray over a wet engine and leave to dry. 

Pro Tip: Apply to your rubber door seals in freezing weather to prevent sticking.